Paula Romani is a freelance illustrator. She specializes in feminine, beauty and fashion illustration with a unique and distinctive style. Paula's illustrations capture the duality of the modern woman. They are sweet yet sexy. Professional minded but they also love to bake great cupcakes. They are courageous yet sensitive. They love the city life but enjoy a weekend in a solitaire place. They know the latest fashion trends but they can get away with a creative and personal fashion solution using a grandma's dress. They can be the goddess, the caring friend, the career minded woman all in the same day just give her time to change the stilettos for the ballerinas and the red lipstick for the barely there gloss. They all are superwomen and the have superpowers. Paula's feminine drawings have appeared in magazines, products, advertising and websites internationally. Paula's images are available for licensing. So you can have her girls and women adorning and giving a feminine touch to your products. Imagine them spilling their allure and glamour in greeting cards, posters, fabrics, notebooks, stationery, and so many more products. Paula is accepting commissions and freelance illustration work.
  • Girl with camera
    Travel photographer girl
  • Girl waiting tube in Baker Street station
    Girl waiting tube in Baker Street station
  • Coffee lover girl
    Coffee lover girl
  • Pink Blossoms in London in spring
    Pink Blossoms in London in spring
  • Portobello Road
    Portobello Road
  • Selfie in Rome
    Selfie in Rome with icecream
  • Comme deux gouttes d'eau - Book Cover
    Comme deux gouttes d'eau - Book Cover
  • Fashion Magazines
    Fashion Magazines shopping
  • Swinging London Carnaby Street
    Swinging London Carnaby Street
  • Hipsters coffee lovers
    Hipsters coffee lovers
  • Girl waiting with roses at Labour and Wait
    Girl waiting with roses
  • Primrose hill cupcakes
    Primrose hill cupcakes
  • Love New York
    Love New York
  • Inseparables Book Cover
    Ins├ęparables Book Cover
  • The makeup artist
    The makeup artist
  • Selfie with friends in Copenhagen
    Selfie with friends in Copenhagen
  • Spring Glamour
    Spring Glamour
  • Columbia Flower Market girl
    Columbia Flower Market girl
  • London Big Ben Travel
    London Big Ben Travel
  • Melissa fait des vagues book cover
    Melissa fait des vagues book cover
  • Girl with cat and bouganvillea in Mykonos
    Holidays in Mykonos
  • Travel girl
    Travel girl
  • A girl in Copenhagen
    Copenhagen girl
  • Girl at the Bakery with coat
    Girl at the Bakery
  • Wisteria in Bloom - London Spring
    Wisteria in Bloom - London Spring
  • Girl reading
    Reading - Scandi deco
  • Girl and cat midcentury
    Girl and cat - Vintage
  • 100 Rose Book Cover
    100% Rose Book Cover
  • Gifts
    Gift shopping
  • London Girls
    London Girls
  • Shop
  • Press girl
    Press Girl watercolor
  • Miss Populaire
    Miss Populaire - book cover
  • Sauve qui peut
    Sauve qui peut - book cover
  • Un coeur per deux
    Un coeur per deux - book cover
  • Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford - Oscar night
    Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford - Oscar night
  • Lupita at the Oscars
    Lupita in Prada
  • Alexa Chung
    Alexa Chung
  • Girl having breakfast
    Petit déjeuner - Personal work
  • Girl eating ice cream
    Ice cream - Personal work
  • Summer loving - Girl at the beach
    Summer loving - Personal work
  • Girl in Paris with the Eiffel behind
    Sous le ciel de Paris - Pen, ink and watercolor - Personal work
  • Sixties girl - Brigitte Bardot
    Sixties girl - Pen and ink - Personal work
  • Thinking swinging sixties girl
    Thinking swinging sixties girl - Pen, ink and watercolor - Personal work
  • Season's Greetings
    Happy Holidays Ecard - Animated gif
  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover - illustration for feminine magazine
  • Girl in Eero Aarnio ball chair
    Modern Woman - Personal project
  • Handy man
    The handy man can - illustration for feminine magazine
  • Tea lover
    Tiffany Tea Girl - Personal project
  • Supermom Keep Calm
    Supermom Keep Calm -illustration for feminine magazine
  • Decoration issues
    Moving in together - Susana Magazine
  • Compromiso
    Wedding card
  • Fashion Illustration
    Personal work
  • Have Love will travel
    Have Love will travel
  • Tu amor me eleva
    Your love lifts me up - Greeting card project
  • Tired feet
    Illustration for Sweet Slips
  • Zodiac
    Horoscope - Susana Magazine
  • Smile
    Smile - Postcard project
  • Alternative therapies - yoga girl
    Alternative therapies - illustration for feminine magazine
  • Pencil bun
    Pencil bun girl - Personal project
  • mother with son and daughter
    Family Vacation at the beach -illustration for feminine magazine
  • First class dog
    Chihuahua dog with suitcase
  • Trama 2
  • Dating
    Dating article - Clarin newspaper
  • Lingerie
    Susana Magazine
  • Women dressing up
    Illustration for Sweet Slips
  • Yeti
    Yeti Girl for Pictoplasma Missing link projecgt
  • Godesses horoscope
    Horoscope - Susana Magazine
  • Godesses horoscope
    Horoscope - Susana Magazine
  • Girl,club sign, lamppost
    Illustration for Sweet Slips
  • Future mom, mom to be
    Pregnant - Susana Magazine
  • Rio Carnival
    Carnival - Susana Magazine
  • Embarazada
    Pregnant woman - Susana Magazine
  • Washing machine
    Girl doing laundry
  • Woman leaving school
    Back to school - Susana Magazine
  • Silhouette
    Body issues - Susana Magazine
  • Women talking on the phone
    Illustration for Sweet Slips
  • Malabarismos
    Modern life juggling - Susana Magazine
  • Juguetes
    Couple with toys
  • London tourist bus
    On being a tourist - Susana Magazine
  • Shopping girl with kitty
    Shop Jane store Logo
  • Closet organizing
    How to organize your closet - Organize Magazine
  • Girl between the flowers
    Spring - Susana Magazine
  • Bubble bath with duck
    Bubble bath
  • Vernisage,gallery night
    Gallery art
  • Woman in the tube
    Subway - Susana Magazine
  • Closet organization
    The organized closet - Organize Magazine
  • Future predictions
    Fortune Teller - Susana Magazine
  • The reading girl
    Girl reading big book - Susana Magazine
  • Bubble bath
    Bubble bath II - Susana Magazine
  • Women talking on the phone
    Girlfriends talk - Susana Magazine
  • Man reading a book
    Man reading - Susana Magazine
  • Massages, rock, candles
    Spa life
  • Mom and daughter having a conversation
    Mother and daughter talk - Susana Magazine
  • Metro sign, boy, girl with camera - Paris metro
  • Elastic band couple
    Relationships you can't break - Elle Magazine
  • Secretary and mailman courier
    The post - PYMES Magazine
  • Tied to your old job
    Prissoner of your work - Elle Magazine
  • Running, jogging, trekking
    Sports and fitness - Westchester Magazine
  • Two and one
    Illustration for Sweet Slips
  • Dancing girls
    Illustration for Sweet Slips
  • Vending machine
    Sweet Slips Vending machine - Sweet Slips
  • Girl and exes
    Bye to the ex - Susana Magazine
  • Bride getting ready
    Wedding day - Miradas Magazine
  • Couple talking
    Couple talking - Clarín newspaper
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